11 Places to submit your Notion template


3 Oct

by Sanskar Tiwari

Okay so you spend, hours building that amazing notion template, now how to make it reach people who need it? 🤔
Well worry no more, here are 7 places to get more reach and revenue for your notion template

Notion Template Gallery

this is official template gallery for notion by notion.so just visit https://www.notion.so/templates and scroll down to the bottom to submit your template.
notion image


Gumroad is quite popular when comes to sharing notion templates as you can offer them for free while also having an option where people can pay if they want
It helps you collect email when people download your template so you can reach out to them later when you have other templates all for free
Gumroad does have tier % pricing so you only pay when you make money!

For reach Gumroad have a discover section where you can list your template with single click.


Notionery is the marketplace for all things Notion — templates, courses, resources, and more.
To submit just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on sell your templates.
notion image
They take 10% affiliate fee on every sale, and you also get a page like below which looks quite professional.
notion image

Notion Everything

NotionEverything is another interesting market place like above, they charge 20% affiliate fee for being listed in notioneverything and notionery you notion template needs to be on gumroad
NotionEverything Stats
notion image


NotionJoy is another marketplace like above and to get listed your product needs to be on Gumroad. Just go to the footer and click “Submit Template”


another marketplace, go to the bottom of the page and click “Be a maker”



Discover, buy, and sell the digital products you need to build a business you’re passionate about. Uncover top productivity, marketing, content tools and more.
Appsumo is marketplace where you can list your notion template for normal listing they charge 30% per sale so you can start for free and pay if you make money so no brainer to list.


People come on product to find new stuff, it can be your notion template. You can also provide special discount for some time on there


Etsy is quite popular when it comes to template and stuff, people submit google docs template sheet template and more. You can submit your notion template too.


Yet another marketplace you can submit your notion template on.
That is all for not if you have any feedback feel free to send us email at notiononweb@gmail.com.
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