10 Notion hacks that are so valuable they almost feel illegal


3 Oct

by Sanskar Tiwari

Notion has over 30M users worldwide 🤯  But most people still don't know its full potential.
Here's 10 Notion hacks that are so valuable they almost feel illegal to know

1. Build flowcharts

notion image
You can build flowcharts directly in Notion without any integrations or widgets.
  1. Type /code and pick Code - Mermaid
  1. Type in the code below (id1(Name of block), id2(...)"
  1. Connect your blocks by writing --> between as shown.

2. Anchor links

notion image
You can link directly to somewhere on your current Notion page.
  1. Find the block located at the place you want to link to
  1. Right click on the block and click "Copy link to block"
  1. CTRL + V on text that you want to be the link.

3. Custom font + color

notion image
You can create custom fonts and colorways, even borders, without any widgets.
  1. Type /inlineequation
  1. Pick one of the 3 options shown below
  1. Insert, customize colors to your liking, click Done.

4. Breadcrumbs

notion image
Notion can be endless and you can lost. With breadcrumbs you can place a link showing how far you've gone, anywhere.
  1. Type /breadcrumbs
  1. Insert link at needed location
  1. Enjoy stress-free Notion.

5. Borders & Transparent Boxes

notion image
A great way to pimp up your Notion workspace like shown below, is by using callouts.
  1. Type /callout
  1. Click on the block
  1. Choose "Color"
  1. Choose "Default background"

6. Add widgets

notion image
Timers, weather and countdowns, are a great way to take your workspace to the next level. 1. Go to http://indify.co and sign up with a free account 2. Pick the widget you wish and click "Copy link" 3. Go to Notion and type /embed. Paste the link.

7. Nested To Do List

notion image
You can nest your to-do list to create a simple milestone/subtask system like shown below.
  1. Type /todo
  1. Write your first todo
  1. Repeat below but hit Tab before typing.
  1. This inlines your todo and nests it underneath the first one.

8. Create columns in callouts/toggles

notion image
Notion doesn't allow you to, unless you use this workaroud:
  1. Type /page and create blank page.
  1. Create the column setup you want inside this page
  1. Put the page inside the toggle/callout
  1. Turn the page into text by right clicking.

9. GIF Covers + Icons

Did you know you can upload animated icons/covers?
  1. Where you normally upload your icon/cover, simply upload the .gif version.

10. Synced blocks

notion image
Ever need to edit some content across 100's of pages? Use a synced block.
  1. Type /synced
  1. Drop your blocks into the synced block.
  1. Right click, copy link to block.
  1. Input where ever you want.
You can also
  1. Embed GoogleMaps, Embed Google Drive, Embed Google Calendar, Embed Tweets, Embed GitHub
  1. Use the kanban view to build flowcharts
  1. Use anchor links to create links to specific sections within a page
  1. Use custom font and color settings to create a unique look for your pages
  1. Use breadcrumbs to navigate through long pages
  1. Add borders to sections to help organize your pages
  1. Embed Google Maps to create interactive maps
  1. Embed Google Drive to access files from within Notion
  1. Embed Google Calendar to keep track of events and deadlines
  1. Embed Tweets to add social media content to your pages
  1. Embed GitHub to access code repositories